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This hybrid air fryer and toaster oven is just $100 for today only

Air on the side of savings.


If you're looking for a way to eat healthier (and who isn't?) plus add a little extra oven space for the holiday cooking blitz, might we suggest this CHEFMAN air fryer and toaster oven, currently discounted to just $100 as part of Best Buy's Deal of the Day?

Perhaps you've read about air fryers -- which deliver crispy, healthier "fried" versions of our favorite snacks -- and have been tempted to snatch one up but don't want to commit all the cupboard or counter space. With the Chefman oven, you'll feel better knowing you're getting 25 liters of extra traditional oven space for baking, heating sides (and bigger jobs, too) along with its newfangled air fryer capabilities. 

Seven easy cooking presets help you cook any number of dishes while the rapid air technology (high-speed convection) gives food a crispy fried texture with almost no oil.

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Best Buy

The Chefman oven is down to less than $100 (normally sells for $130), just for today. Order now and Best Buy will ship it for free or order online and pick it up in as little as one hour at your local brick-and-mortar location. 

Amazon has price-matched this same model just in case you prefer to buy it there.