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Cheezburger reality show to talk dead LOLcats, other big issues

The Bravo network show "LOLwork" premieres in November and goes behind the scenes in the Seattle offices where the Cheezburgers get made.


The golden age of LOLcats is upon us. All those irritating and occasionally awesome captioned pictures of kitties are digging their claws even deeper into the soft, sockless, and vulnerable flesh of our pop culture with a new reality show premiering on Bravo in about a month.

"LOLwork" is a comedic documentary-style show that keeps tabs on the goings-on around the Seattle offices of Ben Huh's time-wasting (or productivity-boosting, depending on your choice of studies) empire, the Cheezburger Network.

It's set to premiere Wednesday, November 7, on Bravo, following the premiere of a new season of "Top Chef," also set in Seattle this go-round. In addition, Bravo is premiering its "Silicon Valley Start-Ups" documentary series.

Cheezburger's realm includes I Can Haz Cheezburger?, FAIL Blog, and Memebase, but it's the quirky staff at the Cheezburger office that are the stars of this show.

Watch the clip below for an example of some of the critical feline ethics decisions the team struggles with on a daily basis.