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The Trudeau Blink Wine Chiller is a distinctive way to keep wine chilled.

No runs, no drips, no errors.
No runs, no drips, no errors. Amazon

There are any number of ways things can get messy when cracking open a bottle of wine. For the purposes of this discussion, however, we shall limit the conversation but to one: the ice bucket. When chilling wine in a soupy bath of cold water, inevitably drips and drops progress from bottle to bucket to everywhere else. Though there may be no getting around the occasional spill of the wine, the wine bottle, however, can be safely ensconced in place as it rests in its chiller.

Like a guardian watching over the proceedings, the Trudeau Blink Wine Chiller keeps an eye out for wayward behavior. OK, well, it's pretty much nothing like that, but it does offer a nifty way to keep wine cool--and it does so in a mess-free environment.

Featuring a fun "blinking" mechanism that opens and shuts as a wine bottle is raised and lowered, the clever wine chiller is a distinctive way to keep wine cool while at the table. Using two gel packs that tuck away neatly in the base, the wine chiller offers neat operation without the need to deal with a melting bucket of ice. Now how you keep the rest of the evening mess-free is entirely up to you.