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Cheerleader assaults centurion? Must be a new Samsung ad

How else do you show your new TVs are really, really smart? Well, with UFOs and wars and a cheerleader who kicks a centurion in the privates.

Was it something he said? CommercialTVVid/YouTube Screenshot by Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

Selling TVs is hard.

Especially if the medium at your disposal is, well, TV.

Most look somewhat the same. Most seem to do very similar things, which is make "American Idol" look and sound better than it really is.

So one can understand Samsung feeling a touch hamstrung in trying to make its Smart TVs look astoundingly intelligent.

In this case -- thank you, Business Insider for finding this -- not only is the budget seemingly enormous, but so are the ambitions.

There are two ads that feature so many themes and special effects that you have come to so love in movies.

Flying space machines and cars, dinosaurs, gangsters, fireballs, deserted streets, large, crumbling buildings, and teddy bears on tricycles.

There's also a cheerleader kicking a centurion in the shaded areas.

This, I confess, I have never seen before. Perhaps it's an homage to some very fine disaster movie that was not enough of a disaster to be fascinating.

But, as far as I can tell, the centurion neither said nor did anything to the cheerleader. Yet she leans in, as they say in tech, and assaults him.

Perhaps they were, in fact, racing for the food truck on set and there were only so many portions.

A little like the market for TVs, I suppose.