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Check the time--and the next earthquake

Citizen's "Seismic Watch" concept is a portable detector.


A few weeks back we thought we'd stumbled across the ultimate gadget for the seismically obsessed with the "GraGraph" personal Richter scale. But already there's another on the drawing board that does it one better--it's portable.

If it ever becomes a reality, Citizen's "Seismic Watch" concept may be the first earthquake detector that can be strapped to the wrist, according to OhGizmo. Yet given the nerve-wracking way it works, it might do more harm than good by causing a heart attack: Once a quake has been predicted, the watch automatically switches to a countdown mode until the temblor strikes.

Unless earthquake-forecasting technology makes significant improvements in lead time, it might just add panic to the seconds before the Big One hits. Until then, it might be wiser to invest in something more practical.