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Check out the best laptops and hybrids of CES 2014

From dual-OS hybrids to tabletop PCs, see that latest wave of PCs.

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Computers are always a big part of CES, and 2014 is no exception. While this isn't as pivotal a year for PCs as the 2013 launch of Windows 8 and the giant wave of hybrids that accompanied it, or the big ultrabook push from a few years ago (or the netbook push from years before that), there are still plenty of new systems to see, from innovative new ideas to refinements of current favorites.

Among the 2014 highlights, we saw a much-improved version of the Lenovo Horizon, an ambitious 27-inch tabletop PC -- which basically means it's a giant tablet with a built-in kickstand. We also saw the popular Yoga line get a lower-priced model, the Yoga 2(as opposed to the Yoga 2 Pro), that cuts some of the higher-end features you may not need, but keeps the excellent fold-back hybrid hinge.

Chromebooks that run Google's stripped-down Chrome OS have captured the attention of a price-conscious public. At CES 2014, we've seen the first 13.3-inch version from Toshiba, which doesn't offer much different from other Chromebooks, but hits that perfect productivity/portability size.

Another very interesting system (unfortunately not featured in our video above) is the Asus Transformer Book Duet TD300, a 13-inch hybrid that runs both Windows and Android, switching between them at the press of a button -- fast enough to be captured in a 6-second Vine video.