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Check out the best art GIFs of 2014

The winners for the Giphoscope International Art GIF Contest are in, honouring the most creative work in the art of the GIF.

First PlaceMicaël Reynaud

The creators of the Giphoscope -- the hand-cranked, real-world GIF machine -- have set about making a real name for themselves in the world of art. Marco Calabrese and Alessandro Scali have just hosted their very first ever annual Giphoscope Award, created to honour the very best of animated GIF art.

Submitted GIFs had to follow several rules. They had to be 24 frames, no more or less; at an aspect ratio of 4:3; less than 2MB in size; and no larger than 400 pixels wide. Each artist could only submit one GIF. And the prize? A special, one-of-a-kind Giphoscope on a marble stand immortalising the winning GIF.

The overall winner -- who also snapped up the best photography GIF award -- was French graphic designer, videographer and stop-motion animator Micaël Reynaud, whose work consists of weirdly mesmerising animated loops, with his rippling, geometrically morphing series of portraits.

Check out some more winners below, and head over to the Giphoscope Award website to see the rest.

Second PlaceFalcaoLucas

Third PlaceUn gif dans ta gueule