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Cheating scandal forces ACT shakeup

The test prep company will make organizational changes after allegations of foul play.


Where there's a will, there's a way.

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ACT, the company behind the well-known college entrance exam, will audit education centers and lay off its head of security after cheating scandals became public, according to Reuters.

Earlier this year, the Iowa-based company had to cancel test dates in Hong Kong and South Korea after a reported test leak. Reuters also identified six overseas test prep centers that breached ACT policy by administering the examine after helping students prepare for it.

Rachel Schoenig, the head of security who is leaving the organization next month, reportedly recommended tightening security before the breach.

"ACT takes test security very seriously and is committed to ensuring score validity and fairness for all examinees," an ACT representative told CNET via email. "There will always be cheating attempts and incidents around high stakes testing. ACT has layers of test security measures and procedures in place to deter and detect cheating attempts before, during and after testing, and we will continue to work to regularly improve our processes."

The representative encouraged those with concerns to contact the Test Security Hotline.