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Cheaper than a dentist: Photoshop teeth-whitening filter

Image Trends releases image-editing plug-ins to whiten teeth and reduce the glare of shiny faces.

Austin, Texas-based Image Trends plans to release new Photoshop plug-ins Tuesday that automate two common tasks for cosmetic retouching of digital photos: whitening teeth and removing skin glare.

Image Trends' plug-ins whiten teeth and reduce skin glare.
Image Trends' plug-ins whiten teeth and reduce skin glare Image Trends

The company's PearlyWhites and ShineOff plug-ins cost $49.95 each. The plug-ins work on Windows, but Mac OS X versions will be available later.

The filters can operate in a batch mode, allowing Photoshop users to edit large groups of images in bulk. The PearlyWhites plug-in doesn't need to be told where teeth are located--the often-laborious selection process. Instead, it applies its changes to white areas that it finds surrounded by flesh tones, said Michael Conley, vice president of marketing and sales.

The company also plans to release the Mac OS X version of a plug-in called Fisheye-Hemi that converts the distorted view of a fish-eye lens into a perspective more familiar to human eyes. That plug-in costs $29.95.

Image Trends was formed from the core members of the former Group, now Kodak's Austin Development Center, the company said.