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Cheap international calls on offer from Now Mobile

Now Mobile specifically targets the immigrant market with tariffs offering cheap international mobile calls that could save you a bundle, and multilingual customer service

Helped by a funky looking robot called Nowi, Now Mobile has launched a pay as you go service specifically aimed at immigrants to the UK who simply want to phone home without any hidden charges or contracts.

It's plugging cheaper international call charges compared to traditional pay as you go tariffs, which would obviously be very attractive to people in the UK from places like Pakistan, Nigeria, Bangladesh and India.

On closer inspection however, prices are not much different to competitors such as Lebera and LycaMobile Plus.

But compared to what you might have to pay with normal networks it is cheap, with calls to Pakistan, for example, only 9p a minute.

The basic 30-day UK bundle from Now Mobile will provide 50 minutes and 100 texts for £5, 150 minutes and 300 texts for £10, and 200 minutes and 400 texts for £15.

Now Mobile claims the real difference is additional benefits such as half-price weekend calls and bundle offers available for a limited period. Prices will be 'no more' than those stated on its price plans -- so no hidden extras, it promises.

Like Carphone Warehouse's Talkmobile service, also launched today, the tariffs from Now Mobile will be as simple to understand as possible, with the added benefit of multilingual customer service.

Now Mobile will provide a free SIM card on request, and it offers standard services such as voicemail, call waiting, conference calling, text messaging and security.