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Cheap contract? High five: Orange phone for £5 a month

Orange has introduced the cheapest monthly tariff we've ever seen, charging £5 for a new phone and an upgrade later. Sound good? Wait until you see the length of the contract

The bluey is turning orange, as Orange is offering a contract costing you a scant £5 per month. It's aimed at anyone who wants the security of a contract while keeping the low cost associated with pay as you go. But you'd better be darn sure, because the contract is a whopping three years long.

Your fiver entitles you to 50 free minutes, 50 free texts and a Nokia 2630 handset. After 18 months you'll get a new handset to keep for the remaining year and a half.

It's not the only new deal debuting today. Paying £10 or £15 will get you 100 or 200 free minutes, 300 or unlimited free texts and a Nokia 3600 or Nokia 6500 Slide. Orange has also announced four 18-month SIM-only deals, ranging from 100 minutes and 500 texts for a tenner, to 1,600 minutes, 500MB of data and unlimited texts for £30.