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Cheap cell phones: More mobile for your money

Cell phone contracts have one advantage: they can get you a nice cell phone for next to nothing.

The LG LX5500 is free with service. Corinne Schulze/CBS Interactive

Everyone loves to hate cell phone contracts, but if given a choice, I'd bet that many people would gladly sign one in exchange for a cheap cell phone.

If that logic applies to you, there are quite a few options available when the economy is sputtering, and even when it is firing on all cylinders. Yes, you're stuck with a carrier for two years, but you can walk away with a phone that may wind up costing no more than a night at the movies. And in some cases, that handset might even be free.

The exact deals will change frequently--it all depends on what the carrier wants to push at a given time--but you could receive a nice new handset for next to nothing. Check out our list of some of the latest cell phone bargains.