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Cheap and easy CPU liquid cooling from CoolIT

PC cooling equipment manufacturer CoolIT announced its latest CPU cooler, a $79 completely maintenance-free, plug-and-play model called the Domino ALC.


Before you buy that giant heat sink/fan combo for your computer's processor you may want to consider the new Domino Advanced Liquid Cooling (ALC) setup from CoolIT Systems. The company's known for its self-contained, simple-to-install liquid-cooling systems, but while its other CPU chillers are pretty pricey, the Domino is available for less than $80.

The unit is designed to quickly install into a chassis that supports a 120mm fan and works with both Intel and AMD processors, including the latest Intel Core i7 models. You get a choice of three modes: quiet, performance, and full. A micro-controller automatically handles the amount of cooling needed to cope with your system's demands with the first two modes, but performance mode gives you full-time 2,550rpm of cooling.