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Chat with ghosts using an emoji ouija board

You text your live friends with emoji, so why not give ghosts the same chance to use their favorite symbols to communicate? Help fund the Emouija Board to give spirits a chance to chat.

Now you can chat with the dead using your favorite emojicons. Kickstarter

If you enjoy chatting with the dead, but prefer to do it using emojicons, why not upgrade your spirit communication with an Emouija Board? After all, ghosts don't want to miss out on being about to tweet their feelings and thoughts like they did when they were alive and kicking.

Find out if ghosts miss getting their hair cut, or dancing with friends or eating pizza. Perhaps they want to reveal their love for cats or just think the poop icon is hilarious.

All your favorite emoji icons are represented on the board -- from food items to activities to the weird ones no one seems to understand, like that hairy red devil guy (which we hope your ghosts aren't stuck with as a purgatory pal).

Designers of the Emouija Board, now on Kickstarter, also created unique emoji to help you communicate better with the spirits. There's a "No Heaven" icon to signify that perhaps atheists were onto something. The "Native American Warrior Skull" signifies that you might want to move before you live out the plot to the movie "Poltergeist." Plus they've added many ghost icons to show if your spirit buddy is laughing, crying, sleeping, screaming or blushing.

This is just a prototype board. The final will include even more symbols. Severed hand not included. Kickstarter

"The final Emouija Board will be an encyclopedic tour of the most useful emoji for modern spirit communication, all laid out on a beautifully designed 18 x 18 quad-fold board and accompanied by a bespoke spectral hand planchette," the team wrote on its Kickstarter page.

If the project gets funded, the designers promise to build customized Emouija Boards with both classic icons and more creepy new emojis to help you better small-talk with dead people haunting your home, workplace or dreams.

For a pledge of $27 (about £17, AU$31) or more you get an Emouija board and a custom planchette (the device you move around with your figures on the board), with a booklet explaining how to use the board. For $32 (£20, AU$36) or more you can suggest new emojis to add to the board. And for $58 (about £36, AU$66) or more, the team will work directly with you to design a custom board of your favorite classic and new emojicons.

You have until November 28 to help the team reach its goal of $2,200 before the Kickstarter campaign ends. Of course, if you wait too long to donate, this campaign will sadly end up, ahem, in the Kickstarter graveyard.