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Chase Visa accounts being hacked?

Am I alone in having my Chase Visa cards hacked in the past few weeks?

Am I the only one currently getting hammered for using a Chase Visa card? In the past three weeks, two of my Chase Visa (Marriott Rewards) cards have been compromised, despite the fact that a) my wife and I still have the cards in our possession and b) we don't use the cards on dodgy Internet sites (well, except for :-).

Am I alone with the problem? It just seems to be too coincidental that both cards have been compromised in the past few weeks, especially since we don't use the two cards with the same merchants. One is my business card and is primarily used at Marriott hotels. The other is a backup family credit card that we rarely use (but did recently use at Disneyland - Could Mickey be behind this?).

I just had one of the cards replaced and now will have to have the other replaced. It's very, very aggravating.