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Chase the Blues Brothers with frame-by-frame Lego remake

An incredible frame-by-frame remake turns Jake and Elwood Blues into mall-destroying minifigures on the run from the law in a Lego Bluesmobile.

Blues Brothers as Lego minifigures
Ride along with the Blues Brothers Minifigures. Video screenshot by Amanda Kooser/CNET

The 1980 movie "The Blues Brothers" really set the standard for car chase scenes for years to come. The mall chase, in particular, may be the greatest filmed example of gleefully wanton destruction inside a commerce center ever. Now, we can relive that greatness with a Lego remake.

Bricktease's faithful frame-by-frame Lego re-creation of the scene is three minutes' worth of plastic brick mayhem. Stores are plowed through and screaming minifigures jump out of the way as Elwood and Jake Blues bust through the mall. "Disco pants and haircuts," indeed.

I have to give special kudos to the way Bricktease handles the cars driving through large windows. The use of clear bricks is quite impressive, really capturing the shattered-glass effect. It's all there, from the upside-down spinning cop car to the Blues Brothers' final escape through a JC Penney store window.

You can peek behind the magic with the Bricktease "making of" video. My next request would be the chase scene that involves the wreckage of dozens of police cars. I want to see those bricks go flying!