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Charge two iPhones at a time with Revivelite II

Scosche announces a new $25 charger for iPhone and iPod that's portable ,yet can charge two devices at the same time and also incorporates a night-light.

The new charger with a docking station and a USB port. Scosche

If you are looking for a iPhone charger that's compact and portable to carry on the go, Scosche, an accessory maker for mobile devices, might have just what you want.

The company launched Thursday the Revivelite II, a portable iPhone Charger that incorporates a night-light, which could come in handy for those who don't want to sleep in complete darkness.

About the size of a wall plug, the new charger features an iPhone docking station and a USB port, meaning it can charge two devices at a time. The second device can be another iPhone, an iPod, or any device that can be powered via a USB port.

The Revivelite II doesn't come with any cord but just two collapsible prongs that keep it attached to a wall power socket. You then can open its collapsible docking station to put your iPhone on. The charger's docking station also works with iPods.

The new Revivelite II portable charger will be available this spring and is slated to cost $25.