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Channel 4 News app breaks on iPhone and iPad

Channel 4 News is coming to an iPhone or iPad near you on Friday, offering video of the nightly news, big pictures, and subject round-ups for free.

Now you can gaze into the steely blues of Jon Snow on the go, thanks to the Channel 4 News app for iPad and iPhone.

The app's extra-big photo galleries could have been inspired by the Guardian's EyeWitness, but there's more than just eye-candy on this app.

It will offer the ability to catch up on the last seven days of nightly news and round-ups of major stories, including graphics, stories and video. You'll also get the full gambit of Channel 4 News blogs, including Snow and Krishnan Guru-Murthy's missives.

Different layouts for iPad and iPhone ensure that everything's readable no matter what screen size you're using.

Channel 4 tells us that the app will automatically download stories, so that you can watch and read when you're offline, too. 

The app will arrive in the iTunes store on Friday, for the sweet, sweet taste of free. Channel 4 has confirmed that an Android version is also in the works.

Watch safety-conscious Jon Snow try the app with a helmet on, in the video below.