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Champions League spoilers tackled by score-obscuring app

Your computer can blank out soccer spoilers thanks to Heineken's Keep it Legendary app, so you enjoy the big game even if you miss it live.

If you don’t want to know the score, look away now. Or if you don't want to spend your day peeking from behind your fingers whenever there's a big game, your computer can now get rid of spoilers thanks to Heineken's Keep it Legendary app.

Ahead of tonight's UEFA Champions League -- or "weffa Champions League" if you're Heineken's voiceover guy -- semi-final between Real Madrid and Bayern Munich, Keep it Legendary is designed to protect you from finding out the results of big matches before you've had the chance to enjoy them live.

To avoid soccer spoilers, fans download the Fever Keeper, a browser add-on that blanks out results and any other reference to the Champions League -- it even works on Facebook and Twitter, obscuring your friends' discussions of the games. Handy for likely lads trying to avoid the score.

It's aimed at soccerball fans in the US -- all three of them (only kidding!) -- who can't watch the big games because the time difference has them stuck at work as lucky Europeans enjoy every dribble, nutmeg and flamboyant simulation.

When they down tools for the day, a Venue Locator app then helps European ex-pats, Spanish-speaking soccer-lovers and other footie fans find the nearest bar showing the game, so they can enjoy the action over a cool, refreshing Heineken*.

Whoever wins tonight's semi-final goes through to face Chelsea in the final in May, after £50m super-sub Fernando Torres helped the London team come back from 2-0 down last night to dramatically see off Barcelona.

Press play on the video below to see the spoiler-spotting add-on in action:

What would you like to see blanked from your browser? The football scores, or perhaps those weirdly-tanned wide boys from The Only Way is Essex? Maybe even the latest Apple rumours? Tell me what you would like to cut from your Internet in the comments or on our Facebook page.

*Other cool refreshing beverages are available. Please drink responsibly. Cheers!