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Chameleon aims to amaze the Android tablet experience

We're fans of Android 4.0, but can't deny the sexiness of Chameleon, a real up and comer on the Kickstarter circuit that seems poised to push Android's tablet home screen to a captivating new level.

Would you rather use this on your Android tablet? (Click to enlarge.) Tekinision

Ottawa design firm Teknision created Chameleon with the intent of injecting some serious style into the Android home screen and app launcher, and it sure did a heck of a job.

Perhaps what separates the Chameleon from the rest, aside from the layout, are the multiple home screens that can change based on a particular setting. For example, after waking up in the morning, the associated home screen displays weather, feeds, and so on. When you go to work, Chameleon detects the location via GPS and displays e-mail, tasks, calendar, etc. Later, after settling in for the evening, Chameleon could display things such as social media and multimedia content.

You can set different schemes with this theme. (Click to enlarge.) Tekinsion

Those not interested in that idea can also set up shop differently. "You can make specific home screens for family members, for entertainment, for travel," said a Tekinision representative.

To accomplish all of these wonders, the app taps your GPS, Wi-Fi, and time settings to know just about everything, but in a seamless, invisible way true to its name. Chameleon includes a set of widgets that class up the joint with a minimalistic feel, while the app tray and launcher look fresh.

The first release aims to work best for Android tablets with 10-inch screens (1,280x800).

Those salivating to remodel their Android home should keep their eye on Kickstarter, where the Chameleon campaign seems on the cusp of breaking out towards its $50,000 goal. Over three thousand supporters already contributed, placing the campaign around $30,000 at the time of this posting. Parent company Teknision plans to sell Chameleon on the Google Play Store around September of this year.