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Chained to your gear? Juice it with this bracelet charger

Slap Thanko's Wristband Battery 2 on your arm and forget about running out of power, or looking cool, for a while.

Wristband Battery 2
If you like it, but a ring on it. If you don't, tough luck. Thanko

We all feel like slaves to our relentless, 24/7 jobs sometimes. That's why there's no shame in flaunting your digital servitude with these electronic handcuffs handy wrist chargers from Japan.

Leave it to the tireless gadget salarymen at Thanko to help keep our electronics always on and demanding our attention.

The Wristband Battery 2 is a USB 2.0 bracelet that can recharge your iPhone 5, laptop, gaming device, or other mobile toy on the go.

Unless you're into Borg-chic accessories, it's extremely unfashionable. But it comes with eight types of connectors including Lightning, dock, PSP, and various Japanese phone jacks.

The shackle has a simple metal clasp, weighs some 2.8 ounces, and comes with a 31-inch stretch USB cable.

It has a LED display showing the power reserve, as well as recharge button. Its lithium ion battery pack takes about four hours to charge and can power a Nintendo DS Lite, for instance, for about 7 to 28 hours depending on brightness settings.

Thanko is selling the Wristband Battery 2 for 1,980 yen ($20). There's no English page for it yet, probably due to the Obon summer holiday in Japan, but it will probably appear on Thanko's international site here.