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CES timeline--from Pong to Palm

Over the years, almost every technological revolution--and plenty of flops--were first seen at CES. sorts through the showstoppers.

The world's biggest technology event is just days away in Las Vegas. This year more than 2,700 exhibitors will debut some 20,000 products in less than a week at the International Consumer Electronics Show.

Of those 20,000 gadgets, at least a few are likely to become cultural touchstones that change our daily routines, like TiVo did beginning with its CES debut in 1999. Others, like Microsoft Bob from the 1995 show, quickly fade from being the next big thing to punchlines for geeky hipsters.

For a quick tour of CES history, scroll through this nice graphical timeline from, where its also got a full infographic with more facts about the Consumer Electronics Show.