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CES: Sony's flagship Blu-ray HTIB gets wireless rear speakers, dual HDMI-ins

Sony has announced its new flagship Blu-ray HTIB, the BDV-E780W, featuring two HDMI inputs, wireless rear speakers and a sleeker design.

Sony BDV-E780W
Sony BDV-E780W Sony

LAS VEGAS--Sony announced its flagship Blu-ray home-theater-in-a-box today, the BDV-E780W. Sony's flagship HTIB offers a set of features similar to what we've seen on other models, including built-in Wi-Fi, wireless rear speakers, and two HDMI inputs.

Like other Sony Blu-ray products, the BDV-E780W will be able to access the Bravia Internet Video content portal, which includes Netflix, Amazon VOD, Hulu Plus, Pandora, YouTube, Slacker, and Qriosity. It also features Gracenote's disc identification software, which enables the player to display cover art and related information for Blu-ray and DVD movies.

The most noticeable change from last year's Sony's Blu-ray HTIBs is the design. The BDV-E780W's main unit has a curved, PS3-like exterior, which looks to be a big upgrade over the boxier shape of last year's home theater systems.

There's also an iPod/iPhone dock, although it appears to be a separate cradle, rather than the slick integrated docks available on LG and Panasonic HTIBs. The BDV-E780W will also be controllable from an iPhone/iPod or Android smartphone using the free "Media Remote" app.

Sony says the BDV-E780W will be available in May for about $600.