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CES: Philips intros first wireless HDMI Blu-ray player

Philips has launched the BDP7850, a wireless HDMI Blu-ray player with 3D playback that will be released in April for $499.99.

The Philips BDP7580 is due out in April for $499.99. David Carnoy/CNET

LAS VEGAS--If you always wished you had a Blu-ray player equipped with wireless HDMI to stream video from across the room to a wall-mounted TV, Philips has a new solution: the BDP7580 wireless HDMI Blu-ray player.

Due out in April with a price tag of $499.99, the BDP7580 offers 3D playback, NetTV, Netflix, and Blockbuster streaming, as well as Philips MediaConnect, which allows you to stream content from your PC to your TV via a Wi-Fi connection. NetTV is Philips' integrated Internet TV feature that offers a built-in browser for accessing standard Web sites, including Facebook and Twitter. The Vudu video streaming service is also available as part of NetTV.

Philips was showing the BDP7580 in action at a hotel suite here at CES and we watched some 3D content (that's why the picture on the screen looks blurry--because it's in 3D). All in all, it seemed to work well without any hiccups, and while the $500 price tag is pretty high, it's not as outrageous as what some of the earlier wireless HDMI options cost.