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CES: OtterBox intros Reflex Series for iPhone 4

OtterBox has announced a new, rugged iPhone 4 case, the Reflex Series. It's also available for the BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300.

The OtterBox Reflex Series is available for the iPhone 4 and BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300. OtterBox

Expanding on its line of rugged cases for the iPhone 4, OtterBox unveiled its new Reflex Series case here at CES.

The company says the case was "inspired by the crumple zone of a car" and combines two materials--polycarbonate and TPE rubber--to form an "unprecedented" single-layer concept. We're not sure exactly what that all means, but the company claims the case recoils and springs back, "ready to protect again and again."

If that wasn't enough to sell you, OtterBox's marketing team adds that "a cushion of air" surrounds the iPhone 4 and flexes upon impact before returning to its original form (we're not sure how air flexes). The case also snaps apart in two halves to allow you to quickly dock your phone or use it with accessories. A self-adhering screen protector is included.

While we're talking up the iPhone version, the Reflex Series is also available for the BlackBerry Curve 8500/9300. The new cases are due out soon and cost $44.95.