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CES: Opera now browsing tablets, netbook PCs

Opera doesn't have a release date for its tablet-optimized browser, but it does have a preview build to show off at CES.

LAS VEGAS--Browser-maker Opera Software is taking advantage of the tablet rage at CES this year to demo a preview build of the Opera browser for tablets and Netbook PCs.

We got a look at it last night on an Android-powered Galaxy Tab and on a Windows 7-powered IdeaPad tablet. We even took a video, but unfortunately, one important feature--Flash--wasn't implemented on the demo units we saw.

What we did see has potential. Opera for tablets has the usual URL and Google search bars, and tabbed browsing. It also has the typical features of search, bookmarking, and history, to name a few. The browser adds zoom and pinch, and automatically scales to fit various tablet screen sizes.

We'll return for a video when we get a chance, so stay tuned.