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CES: Keep track of your runs with Nike+ SportWatch GPS

Nike trots out a new GPS sport watch with partner TomTom.

Nike SportWatch GPS Nike

LAS VEGAS--Nike and GPS manufacturer TomTom have teamed up to launch a new sport watch to keep track of your runs.

Expected to be available in the U.S. and the U.K. in April 2011, the sleek-looking Nike+ SportWatch GPS includes a shoe sensor that works in conjunction with GPS to collect data while you run. Afterward, you can connect the watch to your computer via the USB connector built into the watch's strap to upload data. In addition, you can log your run data to to see the GPS route of your run, set goals, and more.

The watch, which measures 1.46 inches wide by 10 inches tall by 0.63 inch thick and weighs 2.33 ounces, features a high-contrast display with a tap interface to activate the backlight and/or mark laps. It also shows run reminders in case you start slacking off.

It's recommended that you use Nike+ ready shoes with the watch since the sensor is built to work with them. Pricing information has not been announced at this time.