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CES is here, and so are the snack hags

There are a few things you can count on at a large technology conference: a big booth by Microsoft, a couple of uneventful keynotes, and people seem to spend the entire week in the press room looking for free snacks.

They never leave. You can come into the press room at any hour of the day and it seems like you see the same people sitting in the same chairs talking about snack food.

I've only been in Las Vegas a couple of hours and here are the conversations I have overhead in the two stops I've made in the press room (to write stories).

"The only think I've had to eat so far today is a piece of cinnamon toast."

"I heard they had a plate of sandwiches and bagels earlier, but it looks like we got here late."

"Did you go to the Sharp event? They had a box lunch that had a Snickers and a package of M&Ms."

"What kind of food are they going to have at the HP event tonight."

"They have Diet 7up. It's my favorite."

"I can't believe you didn't get up and get a brownie."

I kid you not. And don't forget. The show doesn't really start until Monday. These are just the early risers. There are tribes of people who seem to live off these snacks. During the meal times, they are the first in line. During the off hours, they live off decorative lettuce and powdered creamer.

To be honest, it's the kind of thing that keeps you motivated to keep your day job.