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CES: Fooling your senses: bass-shaking chairs, ultra high-definition, and now, 3-D plasma tvs

CES Vendors and fooling your senses - home entertainment systems that attempt to come closer to reality

As if reality were too mundane for you, many of the vendors at this year's CES would like to sell you a chair that vibrates in synch with your home theater system, a ultra-thin Hi-Def TVs that defies reality in terms of fidelity, clarity and color and now, televisions that attempt to be 3-D. Not satisfied? How about high-definition cameras? While I can't show you a picture of what 3-D TV image looks like, it's nowhere as cool as you may think.

Taking the time to capture reality
3-D TVs from Samsung - goofy classes not included Kevin Ho

The people in the picture look like the SIMS and kind of resemble animated diorama. In other words, the fidelity and tactile experience from the Star Trek's Holodeck is still science fiction unless you wander over to the Hilton and check out the Star Trek Experience.... Of course, you do look incredibly goofy with those 3-D glasses on.

Which picture is better? Or isn't the real thing better?