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CES Day One in Mobile and MP3: Bling and bargains

Crave rounds up the best cell phones and MP3 announcements at CES.

Samsung's Armani phone
Samsung's Armani phone Samsung

Missed the first day of CES 2008 in Las Vegas? Let us bring the gadget goodness to you--enjoy these hand-picked links with your morning coffee and find much more coverage at CNET's CES special package.

Philips Swarovski crystal earbuds
Philips Swarovski crystal earbuds Donald Bell

Consumer electronics product managers worldwide and especially at CES are busy these days working on tech that women won't be embarrassed to be seen with. Will some extra fashion flair help? Who knows, but there was plenty of bling on the show floor. We saw the elusive Samsung Armani phone and Philips' Swarovski-crystal encrusted earbuds.

Invisio Q7
Invisio Q7 Nicole Lee

In more useful announcements, we got to try the new Invisio Q7 Bluetooth headset, the second (but maybe best) bone-conducting Bluetooth headset we've seen in recent history. In fact, we saw a ton of cool headsets yesterday.

In phone-land, we spotted some promising new LG lurkers on the floor, plus some compelling new technologies in phones from Motorola, including the new Moto Rokr E8 and the Moto Z10.

Tonium Pacemaker
Tonium Pacemaker Donald Bell

Need tunes with your maps? Check out the iRiver W7 MP3 player, which does GPS when docked in a car cradle with a receiver (Weird!), as well as 11 more new MP3 players from iRiver. Add in a $79 4GB player from Sansa for good measure, and there was plenty at CES to keep the iPod agnostics among us going until Macworld next week. And finally, DJs on the run can stop now, after checking out our peek at the Tonium Pacemaker, a portable mixer.