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CES: Conquer China (and get some cheap speakers)

Perhaps the greatest company name so far at CES is Conquer (China). It says it can make beautiful speakers compatible with your iPod or iPad. And they're cheap.

LAS VEGAS--They tell me that China has taken over America. It's something to do with money, rather than physical occupation, but in this digital world, what's the diff?

So I was riveted to the already sticky carpet of the North Hall at CES when I saw a sign that read Conquer (China) Industry Co. Ltd.

Would this booth offer America hints on how to inveigle its way digitally into China's consciousness, something that Google didn't quite manage to do?

Well, it's the next best thing.

Conquer (China) makes speakers that are wonderfully compatible with your iPod, iPad, or even Zune. "We make any design," Conquer (China)'s Lan Gao told me.

Chris Matyszczyk/CNET

I tried to lead up to a discussion about the name. But first I threw a softball by asking what was so different about the speakers.

"Nothing," Lan Gao said. "Just enjoy the beauty."

I then asked her about price, which made her beam a little. Oh, $2.99. And, for retail, starting at $7.99. Which seemed very reasonable.

I then made a mistake, one not dissimilar to burping in front of the queen. I asked if I could photograph the speakers. Lan Gao looked toward her assistant nervously. She looked back at me, more nervously. I tried to smile my neutral smile, the one with a sort of Daniel Craig (or, at least, Jenny Craig) innocence.

After another half a minute, Lan Gao nodded, but looked as if she feared she might have just opened the doors to a horse from somewhere west of Troy.

I wanted to ask her about the company name, rivaled only so far, to my eyes, by the enticing TouchDiva. Instead, I bowed and decided that conquering China might not be as simple as China's conquering of America.