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CES attendance bounces back

2010's show beat 2009 attendance by 6 percent, but is still far from the 2008 level.

CES 2010 attendance
CES 2010 attendees flood the North Hall of the Las Vegas Convention Center. James Martin/CNET

The security line at McCarran International Airport and the wait for cabs were good indications, but a headcount is confirming it: attendance at the Consumer Electronics Show was back up this year.

The story last year was how far attendance would drop off as companies struggled during the recession. CES 2010 showed things are looking up: Initial counts by the Consumer Electronics Association, which puts on the massive tech conference, have 120,000 people squeezing into the Las Vegas Convention Center for the show that took place Thursday through Sunday of last week. That's up roughly 6 percent from the 113,085 people that attended last year.

However, it still falls short of the 141,150 that descended on the show in 2008.