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CES 2019: Urgonight trains your brain to sleep better

This sleep-savvy headband wants to train your brain for better sleep.

Tyler Lizenby/CNET

Sleep tech is an ever-growing category in the smart home. From fancy, sleep-tracking beds to pillows, fitness trackers and everything in between, companies are looking for ways to smarten your shut-eye and Urgonight is among them. This padded headband from French startup Urgo Group is designed to train your brain to sleep better. 

The headband works by connecting to the Urgonight app, where it trains your brain into developing brain wave patterns for healthier sleep. The Urgonight EEG (electroencephalogram) therapy requires three 20-minute sessions per week. 

You'll get visual neuro feedback in the app that shows your session progress in real time. The feedback helps you learn how to produce brainwaves that enhance your natural sleep. The team at Urgonight says sustainable results take three months to achieve. 

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