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CES 2019: This smart gadget winds you down for bed, no internet necessary

The Morphee is not a controller for a steampunk time machine, but it does help you sleep.


Morphee uses guided-meditations to help you fall asleep faster.

Patrick Holland/CNET

The first thing I notice about Morphee is that it doesn't look like anything else. It is definitely not a phone, a smartwatch or a robot. An argument could be made that it is a controller for a Jules Verne time machine. And despite not having a screen, apps or an internet connection, the Morphee might be one of the smartest devices at CES.

A racing mind before bed can keep you from falling asleep. To alleviate this I meditate with an app. It's not lost on me that using a meditation app via a phone is a bit of a paradox, but I still do it.

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Morphee, from the French company with the same name, is here to help you fall asleep using mindfulness and guided meditation. It is purposefully designed as a remedy to our overly connected world.

It has a gorgeous circular design and is about the size of a Nest thermostat. It has three brass keys that you turn to literally dial-in settings for a guided meditation. You choose a theme, duration and session. A small wooden cap fits as both a cover and base for the Morphee.

Morphee costs $99 which converts roughly to £75, AU$135. Currently it's only available in France, but an English version will be out later this year. Imagine the quality of sleep you'd have if you used the Morphee on a Rocking Bed.

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