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Watch CNET's Next Big Thing panel today for a look at your future

This CES 2017 Supersession panel features four of the world's leading Smart Home doers and thinkers from Amazon, August, Google and SmartThings, plus a guest appearance from Carly Chaikin of "Mr. Robot" fame.


It's mere hours away from CNET's biggest show at CES 2017: The Next Big Thing supersession. If you're lucky enough to be here at the show, please come join us today, January 5, in the Las Vegas Convention Center North Hall room N257 at 3:30 (but you'll want to line up a little early). If you can't make it in person, you're in luck: We're living streaming the panel right here.


Join us and you'll learn about the near and exciting future in which smart home will finally get real and become part of a seamless life in which our homes anticipate our needs to free up both our days and our minds. We'll be chatting about those aspirations and the roadblocks along the way with Rishi Chandra, Vice President of Product Management for Google Home; Mike George, Vice President of Alexa and Apps at Amazon; Alex Hawkinson, Chairman and CEO of SmartThings and Jason Johnson, Founder and CEO of August Home.


"Mr. Robot" star Carly Chaikin joins CNET for our annual Next Big Thing Supersession.

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We'll also chat with our exciting guest Carly Chaikin, who plays the brilliant and fascinating hacker Darlene on "Mr. Robot," the USA show that takes a dystopian look at our smart future. You really do not want to miss this. Really.