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CES 2008: Highlights of the day

The big gadget show is now formally under way in Las Vegas. Here are some of the highlights from Monday.

The giant gadget get-together known as the Consumer Electronics Show is now formally under way in Las Vegas. Here are just some of the show highlights from Monday. For CNET's full and continuous coverage, click here.

Gates bids adieu--Just before his farewell CES keynote address (see video), Microsoft's chairman talked to CNET about Redmond's rivals and the changing face of Windows.

Motorola makes music--See pics of Motorola's new music phone, the Rokr E8, along with a video phone dubbed the Moto Z10. (Plus, make movies with the Z10.)

Dell updates high-end XPS M1530--The XPS M1530 isn't nearly as revolutionary as the earlier model (which had an LED-backlit screen and was less than an inch thick), but it's still the best-looking 15-inch laptop we've seen in a long time.

Acer and Gateway one big, happy family--Acer and Gateway don't have a whole lot of news at CES, but it is new that they are here as one.

New Garmin Nuvi 800 series features voice commands--We had a feeling we'd be seeing more voice commands in portable navigation systems at CES 2008, and Garmin proved us right.

ATI releases new laptop graphics--Company's graphics division has something of substance with the new ATI Mobility Radeon HD 3000 series.

Car Tech sneak peeks--CNET's Car Tech is setting up to showcase the latest auto technology. Have an early look.

Two ways to geolocate your dog--Two little GPS gizmos are designed to attach to your pup's collar. That way, if Spot goes running off, you can find him again.

New Sansa Clip is 4GB and really cheap--What's this? A 4GB MP3 player for just $79? Nope, we're not playing a cruel joke on you.