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CenterBeam launches hurry-up offensive

The technology company is cutting set-up time for businesses from the usual months or weeks to mere hours.

CenterBeam is cutting set-up time for businesses from the usual months or weeks to mere hours.

The technology company introduced a new program today promising to outfit firms with enough Internet technology and hardware to launch Web sites in just two days. The company, backed by such heavy-hitter investors as Dell, Intel, Microsoft and Accel Partners hopes to attract customers pushing for a first-to-market advantage.

The Santa Clara, Calif.-based company, which offers customers computers, data storage and Internet connectivity for a monthly fee, is among numerous companies trying to profit by helping other Net firms set up shop online.

The fast service is designed to eliminate the delays that often come with obtaining the high-speed data lines needed to operate Web sites. By temporarily supporting a start-up firm's service using normal phone lines, CenterBeam will transfer the service to its main hosting operations once the high-speed lines are obtained.

Getting online quick costs $425 per user per month in addition to installation fees. The service is available on a limited basis until June when it will be made widely available.

For the money, customers get a Dell 2400 server, Windows 2000 and Hewlett Packard 2100 TN laser jet printer, among other equipment. CenterBeam also promises to provide daily data backups, firewall protection and security, as well as anti-virus protection.