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Cellulite zapper gets $7 million

How do you get rid of the appearance of cellulite? High-energy beams.

Not everyone hates cellulite. Venture capitalists and medical device entrepreneurs like it.

Cellutions has raised $7 million from Versant Ventures, SV Life Sciences, Accuitive Medical Ventures and Carlyle Venture Partners to help it fund human testing for a medical device that smoothes out that lumpy cellulite skin texture that some people get, according to VentureWire.

The machine produced by Cellutions costs $69,000. Doctors buy it, and patients generally have to pay for this kind of aesthetic treatment out of pocket. Paying for treatment yourself, of course, means that if a doctor says "I have a Cellu-tion for you" you can punch him out. You don't have to worry about the insurance company getting testy about that.

Medical devices, in general, are one of the fastest growing segments in venture capital.

Cellutions has not fully fleshed out how its technology, which it licenses from an institution, works. But another company, Israel's Syneron Medical, already has a skin smoothing device on the market and explained it to us last year. A high-powered light source combined with radio frequency energy melt the fat and sort of move it around. This eliminates the unsightly bumps, says founder Shimon Eckhouse. You can also use it to smooth out your skin after getting liposuction. There's lots of extra skin after that. Have you eaten lunch yet?

It doesn't eliminate the fat, Eckhouse added. The company has to figure out a way to get the fat out of your bloodstream before it does that. The energy source for Syneron's VelaSmooth system, which the company has demoed on daytime TV, comes from a system Eckhouse developed for stripping paint off of fighter jets.

Cellutions' system likely doesn't suck out fat either. The company admitted that the treatment, which will cost around $2,500 a pop, only lasts about a year before you have to go back in for another treatment. But while you're there you can get your back hair trimmed again.