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Cellular South announces Motorola Milestone, promises more Android phones

Cellular South may only have 6 million subscribers but that won't stop it from offering great smartphones. Today the carrier announced its second Android handset and vowed to bring more later this year.

Motorola Milestone Cellular South

Cellular South announced Monday that it will be adding the Motorola Milestone to its smartphone lineup, though pricing and availability date were not released at this time.

This marks the second Android-based smartphone for the carrier, following last year's HTC Hero. The Milestone sports a similar design and feature set as the Motorola Droid, which includes a 3.7-inch display and a 5-megapixel camera with autofocus and dual-LED, but ships with Android 2.1. Other details include an 8GB microSD card, Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, and support for Cellular South's 3G network.

Also, good news for Cellular South customers, as the Milestone is but the first of "several" Android-powered devices promised by the carrier this year.