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Cell phones you can't have

At CTIA, CNET peruses the NTT DoCoMo and Haier booths.

NTT DoCoMo F905i Kent German/CNET Networks

Call me a glutton for punishment, but at every CTIA I have to stop by the NTT DoCoMo booth just to see the cool cell phones that the Japanese company is showing off. Even though none of its models will ever arrive at a U.S. carrier, I still have to spend a few minutes playing with handsets like snazzy F905. Sure, the whole experience makes me rather bitter but I have to admit that the F905 is a sight to behold. The handset has a swiveling display, a crystal clear TV picture, a 3.2-megapixel camera and support for HSDPA networks.

Haier HG-V70 (left) and HG-V53 Kent German/CNET Networks

Meanwhile over at the Haier booth, things weren't quite as exciting but the company's models still deserved some browsing. The HG-V70 has a candy bar design with red finishes. Its features include a 65,000-color display, a memory card slot, a VGA camera polyphonic ringtones, and a mini USB port. Next to it was the HG-E53. The trim candy bar handset has a memory card slot, a VGA camera, a 262,000-color display, a voice recorder, a mini USB port, and support for polyphonic ringtones.