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Cell phone talker: I'm too educated to be thrown off train

A YouTube video filmed by a train passenger shows a woman who has reportedly been talking loud and cursing on her cell phone claim that the schools she went to somehow absolve her from blame.

I have a skeptical view of education. It doesn't seem to be that those who have more of it necessarily become more interesting, or even more useful.

As my evidence, might I present this cell phone video, uploaded to YouTube, which shows an interesting and intellectual discussion between a conductor and a passenger on a Metro North train in New York.

It seems the woman might have been disturbing some passengers with the volume and vocabulary of her cell phone conversation. That would mirror an incident earlier this year when a woman was ejected from an Amtrak train after reportedly talking for 16 hours nonstop.

However, in this case, the passenger seems to believe that her alleged education might give her special cell-phone-talking rights.

"Do you know what schools I've been to and how well educated I am?" she is heard to say.

She repeats the information about her education before explaining that she was having a private conversation with her friend.

As the action progresses, she appears to realize that her fine education might not sway the conductor, who does a fine job of maintaining something approaching equilibrium.

The passenger, however, demands her money back before explaining that she is not crazy, but, rather, merely well educated.

Yahoo News reported that the person who originally uploaded this fine and instructive video subsequently removed it. However, the poster reportedly described the incident by saying the woman "was talking too loud on the train when the conductor politely asked her to keep it down and stop using profanity, or to take it to the vestibule."

The poster also reportedly said that when the altercation had concluded, the conductor offered a polite loudspeaker announcement reminding passengers to use a little sensitivity when talking on their phones, "especially those people who went to Harvard or Yale or are from Westport."

For this announcement alone, the conductor deserves, to my mind, an immediate promotion, free education for all of her family, and free cell phone service for life.

I am sure that you, like I, have lost your sense of self just once in a while. You have behaved in ways you wish you hadn't. In this case, for those with a sense of life's absurdity, it was the existence of a cell phone that helped annoy the other passengers.

But it was also the existence of a cell phone that allowed the events to be recorded.

Technology gives. Technology takes away. Technology gives all over again. It's the circle of life.