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Cell phone ringtones get classy makeover on the piano

Musician plays popular phone ringtones from Apple, Samsung, AT&T, Nokia, Verizon and more on the piano, making them sound like classical music worthy of a concert hall.

We all have our favorite ringtone set on our phones to notify us when that all-too-important call needs our attention.

For some of us, though, many famous phone ringtones are annoying reminders of when our co-workers, family members or roommates forget to turn off their phones and end up interrupting recitals, meetings, church sermons, jury duty or weddings.

But when musician Tony Ann pays tribute to ringtones on the piano, suddenly the Apple iPhone's "Marimba" and "Xylophone" ringtones sound like the kind of arrangement Bach might have composed.

T-Mobile's "T Jingle" and AT&T's "Original Cingular" ringtones suddenly sound like they'd fit right into Chopin's "Nocturnes."

Though now that I've heard Nokia's "Original" ringtone played on the piano, it sounds more like it belongs on the "On Golden Pond" movie soundtrack.

Which ringtone do you think sounds most like something from a famous classical composer?