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Cell phone power is in your hands

The idea behind this manual charger is simple--plug in your phone and start cranking.

National Geographic

Even if your telecom operator gives you cellular coverage all the way into the heart of a tropical rainforest, it won't mean a thing if your mobile phone runs out of power. Here's a product that will address that problem: the Hand-Crank USB Power Charger sold on the National Geographic online store.

If your mobile phone can be charged using USB, it'll probably work with this. The idea is simple--plug in your phone and start cranking. You'll probably work up a sweat just trying to get one call.

This device costs $39.95 and includes adapters to fit most Motorola, Samsung, Nokia, and LG phones. For those using brands not listed here, getting a third-party USB charger for your phone will probably do the trick, too. The Hand-Crank USB Power Charger even comes with an AC adapter so you can deposit power into the device when you have access to a power outlet--that'll help save you a few turns of the handle when out in the field.

(Source: Crave Asia)