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Cell phone: device vs. service

Cell phone: device vs. service

CNET cell phone guru Kent German talks here about a nifty-looking cell phone/handheld that you can buy but isn't yet available from any cellular service providers in the United States. Though Kent is talking only about the Motorola V635, he's also making a larger point: for business reasons, you may want a phone with the sleekest features, and you may be willing to pay to get that. But you also have to be careful to make sure you can get the service you need for it to actually be of use. And you may have to tackle the hassle of getting it all set up with the service provider, getting the right chip inserted, and so on. As always it's a matter of time vs. money vs. feature balance.

(I know that Kent's piece, an answer to a CNET user, is from six days ago--but I'm of the mind that if it's good info, it's OK to point people to it, even after it's been up a while.)