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Celebrate 60 years of 'Godzilla' with a roar

The first Godzilla film was released 60 years old today. Celebrate by watching the guys who worked on the 2014 "Godzilla" movie re-create his iconic roar.

Ishirō Honda's classic "Godzilla," which introduced the world to the legendary gorilla-whale, was released on November 3, 1954, in theaters in Japan. At the time, nearly 10 million people went to see "Godzilla" with its revolutionary-at-the-time special effects.

Now, 60 years and some 30 feature films later, Godzilla counts himself among the most popular movie monsters of all time, in large part due to the beast's characteristic roar. Reproducing and modernizing that roar, which was originally made using leather gloves and a double bass string instrument, was one of the main challenges for the sound crew behind the 2014 "Godzilla" remake. And as anyone who's seen the 2014 film knows, they certainly rose to the challenge.

Back in May, Dolby and Legendary Pictures gave "Godzilla" fans an in-depth look at how the sound team overcame the challenge with sound designer Erik Aadahl, director Gareth Edwards and producer Thomas Tull. We can think of no better way to celebrate the 60th anniversary of "Godzilla" than by sharing the clip with you again today. You can watch it at the top of this post.

And remember, if you ever hear this sound in real life, just turn away from the noise and START RUNNING.