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Ceiva unveils new line of photo frames for holidays

Ceiva has a new line of sleeker digital photo frames

Ceiva Logic

Ceiva Logic, one of the early pioneers in the digital photo-frame space, has two new digital photo frames just in time for the holidays. The frames, which come in a 7- and 8-inch models and black or wood finishes, have a sleeker look, higher resolution, slots for all major memory-card formats, and options to receive photos via a broadband or wireless connection instead of standard phone lines.

For those who don't know already, Ceiva's the company that offers a subsciption service that allows you to send images to a frame or frames via the online Ceiva Network. The service, which costs $6.95 a month, is designed to appeal those with technophobic family members (aka Grandma and Grandpa) who would like to receive regular picture updates but don't want to have to load them onto a frame.

Ceiva Logic

All in all it's a good concept, but Ceiva's low-resolution frames were behind the times, and they lacked the memory card readers that are featured in the majority of competing photo frames. Alas, neither new Ceiva frame has built-in Wi-Fi or broadband connectivity--you have to purchase optional adapters (the wireless accessory costs $35, while the broadband adapter goes for $25).

Ceiva is currently selling the 8-inch frame with three months of its PicturePlan service for $199 or $250 for a full year of service. The 7-inch is $50 less for both options. Ceiva says the resolution of the 8-inch display is 640x480, but it doesn't list a resolution for its 7-inch model. For more info, go to the Ceiva store.