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CEDIA 2005: Fujitsu's high-end integrated plasmas

CEDIA 2005: Fujitsu's high-end integrated plasmas

Live from CEDIA
One of the earliest players in the plasma market, Fujitsu is debuting its first pair of plasmas to feature a built-in HDTV tuner and CableCard (Digital Cable Ready) capability. The 42-inch P42XTA51US ($5,999 list) and the 50-inch P50XTA50US ($7,999) buck the trend of relatively inexpensive plasmas from the likes of Panasonic, but Fujitsu's plasmas have a reputation for very good performance--we really liked the P50XHA10 from two years ago. The company is touting its Advanced Video Movement II (AVM-II) processor as "two-and-a-half generations ahead of the competition." Whatever that means, we expect these plasmas to perform well. Both will be available in the fourth quarter of 2005.