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CeBit: Game over for PlayStation 2

Sony packs up its game consoles after Microsoft complained it broke the rules. Plus, sobering news from Nokia and Lucent dash hopes that the show will be a turning point for technology.

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Some chips with your Wiener schnitzel?
Michael Kanellos, senior editor,
Sony packs up its PlayStation 2 game consoles early at annual trade show in Hannover, Germany, after Microsoft complained that it was breaking the rules by letting show-goers play with them. Plus, sobering news from Nokia and Lucent dashes hopes that the show will mark a turning point for tech and communications companies. Microsoft boots PlayStation 2 from CeBit
Sony packs up its game consoles early after the software giant complained that it was breaking the rules by letting show-goers play with them.
March 19, 2002 
Reality rains on CeBit parade
Nokia, Lucent and others don't have great news about the industry or their own companies, dashing hopes that the show would mark a turning point for tech and communications sectors.
March 15, 2002 
SuSE makes a grab for Hammer
The company's got a lot on its plate--getting ready for AMD's forthcoming 64-bit chip and angling to fulfill the German parliament's mandate to equip its servers with Linux.
March 15, 2002 
Gadgets go 007 on features
People who thought the pen would take second place with the advent of computers may change their mind after visiting CeBit, the world's largest technology trade show.
March 15, 2002 
Soundbug makes speakers from flat surfaces
The desks are alive with the sound of music as Olympia launches a gadget that will turn most any flat surface into a speaker.
March 14, 2002 
Check Point launches firewall for PDAs
The Israeli Internet security company debuts its line of new products aimed at protecting wireless Web surfing when using handheld computers.
March 14, 2002 
Plantronics looks into future of headsets
The company has been producing headsets for years, but it's chosen CeBit to announce what it sees as the future of speech communications: Bluetooth.
March 14, 2002 
Novell sings backup for PDAs
The company's iFolder will now provide networked storage for data on PDAs, but it still has to link its PDA-management product with its directory.
March 13, 2002 
IBM to release high-end Intel server
The company's highest-end Intel server yet is a system code-named Vigil that uses eight, 12 or 16 processors.
March 13, 2002 
ATI extends graphics to chipsets
The graphics chip company is leaping into the risky market for PC chipsets. Though ATI is confident, at least one analyst says he thinks pricing may become an issue.
March 13, 2002 
Toshiba to dial into European market
The company is looking to branch out of its typical markets with its first European handsets, which will use the Japanese I-mode Internet technology.
March 13, 2002 
Siemens adds Java to phone mix
The company's Java-enabled M50 will let people download various games and applications onto their phones.
March 13, 2002 
AMD claws for top with new chip
The chipmaker is looking to take back the PC processor speed crown from Intel with a new chip for desktops.
March 12, 2002 
Mira device gains new supporters
Microsoft adds four consumer-electronics giants to the stable of companies committed to making the wireless Web tablet.
March 12, 2002 
New Intel chip lifts high-end servers
The company's new Xeon MP chip offers nearly twice the clock speed of the chip it will replace, giving Intel's servers a giant boost.
March 12, 2002 
Ballmer: Microsoft wants to be trustworthy
Microsoft Chief Executive Steve Ballmer attempts to build bridges with governments and industry rivals, saying the software company aspires to become a responsible leader.
March 12, 2002 
Can Nokia's flashy phones spark sales?
The handset maker launches a bevy of new phones at the CeBit computer show. Features include color screens, multimedia messaging and support for RealNetworks' media players.
March 12, 2002 
Ex-Sun exec to launch new company
Marco Boerries, who developed Sun Microsystems' StarOffice office suite, is set to unveil his new venture at CeBit.
March 11, 2002 

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Techs look to relight IT fire at CeBit
The industry hopes CeBit will spark a recovery in the sector.
March 8, 2002 
Chip storm forecast for CeBit
Intel and Advanced Micro Devices are expected to release a flood of chips next week at the big trade show.
March 7, 2002 
CeBit to set up show in U.S.
A search for a site for the trade show has already begun, according to CeBit producer Ernst Raue of the Hannover Trade Fair Authority.
March 1, 2002