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CeBIT 2007: Mystery mobile phones

Crave is heading out to CeBIT in Germany next week to check out all the latest kit on offer. So far information on new mobile phones has been thin on the ground

It's that time of year again -- next week we're off to CeBIT in Hanover to check out all the latest gadgets and technology. Having just come back from 3GSM and seeing a mountain of new phones, we're excited to see what the mobile phone companies have left to offer.

Rumours have already started about several new handsets, but the big guys are keeping very tight-lipped. There are leaks about a new Asus smart phone called the P526 that runs on Windows Mobile 6.0 and features a 2-megapixel camera and a colour touchscreen.

E-Ten is also rumoured to be announcing some new Windows Mobile handsets runing on Windows Mobile 6.0 and featuring 3G connectivity. Disappointingly, aside from Asus' and E-Ten's offerings, there isn't much else coming out of the rumour mill.

Indeed, there aren't as many leaks as you might expect at this time of year and this either means there are no new phones or all the mobile phone companies have something special hidden up their sleeves.

We hope it's the latter and there's a whole pack of new handsets waiting to be let off the leash in Hanover. One manufacturer in particular we're looking forward to seeing is Samsung, who last year came out with a 10-megapixel beast of a camera phone that's now due an upgrade.

Crave will also keep an eagle eye out on the HTC, LG, Motorola, Nokia and Sony Ericsson stands to see if they've got any new and exciting phones on offer. Of course, we wish that Apple would make an appearance at CeBIT and give us a proper look at the iPhone, but that's extremely unlikely to happen. -AL