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CEATEC MP3 player revolution overdrive

What's going on in Japan, aside from panic over the increased nuclear threat from North Korea? There are some gadgets, too, check them out...

If we all live long and happy lives, and can avoid getting Jonged out of existence, the latest batch of MP3 player tech to spurtle out of CEATEC should thrill our brains.

JVC went ninja ballistic with a 2.1 system, the NX-PS1-W -- this boasts iPod connectivity and pretty much conclusively endorses Apple over any home brand of MP3 player. Is the war won? The NX-PS1-W has a USB port that lets you hook up a PC or plug in a USB key to playback MP3s or WAVs.

Hitachi flicked the record industry right on the tip of the nipple with the HMR-1, a CD player capable of ripping CDs straight onto SD cards in MP3 format -- it's a mobile pirate's dream. If you absolutely must do the work of Satan while away from the office, HMR-1's your tool of choice. This super-ripper will be available in Japan at the end of November.

Eager not to be left out of the gadget swingers party at CEATEC, Samsung was showing off its new T9 digital audio player -- it has a 46mm LCD and 30 hours of battery life. Capacities are 1GB, 2GB and 4GB and they will retail in Korea for $180, $220 and $280, respectively. We'll bring you UK release details as soon as they become available.

Finally, Creative demoed two new Zen players: the 60GB Zen Vision:M and the Vision:W -- a PIMP (Personal Information and Media Player) with a 60GB HD. We'll keep you updated on news and events on the Japanese archipelago as they trickle gleefully from the highlands onto the lowlands of this ancient outpost. -CS